Why Panoramic?The Millennial Label.

The first Millennial-ran label comes to life with intentions to break the regular stereotypes of industry labels.

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2017 Mardi Studio


2017 Mardi Studio

Making HistoryFirst Label to Allow Public Submissions

Until now, labels have always been hard to get in touch with. In 2018, we are expanding our roster and want to hear content from artists and producers.

We are accepting submissions for our team of A&R’s to review and give their feedback.

You read that rightYes, every submission

After awhile, artists and producers get used to opening emails and receiving no replies from labels. However, at Panoramic Records, we are changing that. It’s free of charge to submit your music for our team’s review and feedback.

If we see a potential fit in our label, we would sit down and discuss opportunities with the artist and producer. If we receive a submission from an artist or producer that has potential but just isn’t “there” yet, our team may offer some indirect opportunities through our agency branch.

2017 Mardi Studio

The Process

The candidate gets these services at a discounted price, since we already heard their content. Our agency is exclusively for a select amount of clients, which keeps you affiliated with our label. When things get perfected, our team will sit down and discuss label options.

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Face the Facts

Most of our artists and producers have come from bad deals that once sounded like the “perfect” one.

We make it our first priority to never make any promises that we can’t keep. The fact is, these labels aren’t going to disappear. It’s just our job to offer an alternate path that prevents artists and producers from falling into the trap of label’s schemes and tricks.

Our label encourages creation and collaboration, rather than dictating who the artist or producer works with.

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